Special Interest Groups

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a community within ISOP with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning, or technology, where members cooperate to affect or produce solutions within their particular field. The SIGs communicate, meet, develop training materials, develop position papers and publications, support students, and organize programming ideas.

There are four ISoP special interest groups:


To promote the application of pharmacometrics to direct patient care, the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) and the American College of Clinical Pharmacology are dedicated to fostering an international Special Interest Group of scientists and clinicians who span a wide scope of therapeutic specialties. This group will positively impact the lives of patients worldwide.


  1. Create and maintain a forum for communication and collaboration between pharmacometricians with clinical interest and clinicians with an interest in pharmacometrics
  2. To advance the field of personalized medicine through expanded use of pharmacometrics in clinical practice.


The MCS SIG is a forum for ISoP members sharing common interests in advancing mathematical and computational techniques in pharmacometrics. Our goals include increasing awareness within the ISoP community of existing or emerging MCS methods, offering training in their use, and providing guidance for rigorous and impactful applications. We also maintain ties with mathematical communities around the world to promote pharmacometrics as a scientific discipline generating a variety of interesting theoretical and applied problems.


The activities of the MCS SIG are focused on the following themes:

  • Networking: Increase ties between the broader MCS community and pharmacometrics, including other SIGs; provide venues for learning and collaboration.
  • Learning: Act as a resource for the pharmacometrics community, including students, through recommended reading, courses, conference sessions, and online discussions and materials.
  • Collaboration: Help identify and publicize existing MCS methods for pharmacometrics needs; promote opportunities for MCS researchers to develop new theories, methods, and computational tools.


The Pharmacometrics Programming is a Special Interest Group (SIG) under ISoP. It is to promote discussions related to the handling of data and supportive programming for Pharmacometric, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP), and non-compartmental Pharmacokinetic (NCA) analysis and reporting. We welcome contributions of contents on programming tips, best practices, and standardization across industry and academics.


  • Establish a community for pharmacometric programmers across industry and academics.
  • Collect and share best practices, challenges and examples for programmers to support pharmacometrics, QSP, and NCA analysis and reporting. 

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To advance the development and utilization of safe and efficacious medicines through the application of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP).


  • Advance the science of QSP: Foster a community for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • Promote the application of QSP: In drug development and regulatory decision-making.
  • Develop and maintain information resources: For its members, including the establishment of "best practices" for QSP approaches.
  • Facilitate communication and advance knowledge: Through sponsored sessions at professional meetings, white papers, discussion groups, and publications.

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The Statistics and Pharmacometrics Special Interest Group (SxP) was named in 2016, the SxP SIG is chartered by both the American Statistical Association (ASA) and International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP). This Interest Group promotes collaboration between Statisticians and Pharmacometricians, enabling each discipline to learn and grow from the other and to develop innovative approaches to model informed drug development.

Goals :

  • Provide educational opportunities: To learn about Statistics and Pharmacometrics.
  • Encourage career growth and mentoring: For people new in the field.
  • Promote cross-disciplinary methodology research and publications: Encourage cross participation at conferences.
  • Create best practices: Leveraging both disciplines.
  • Provide opportunities to discuss computing platforms and share code.

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