About ISOP

What is ISoP?

The International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) is non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of pharmacometrics. United by our commitment to scientific excellence, we are a global consortium of professionals from diverse backgrounds including pharmaceutical sciences, engineering, statistics, and mathematics. ISoP advances and promotes pharmacometrics through innovation, collaboration, and education.


Our mission is to advance and promote pharmacometrics, drive scientific excellence and innovation for the development of safe and effective therapies contributing to the improvement of global health.


Our vision is a world where pharmacometrics is integral to drug discovery, development, regulatory decision-making, and applied pharmacotherapy, accelerating the efficient creation of safer, more effective therapies 

Guiding Principles

  • Global Reach: Cultivate worldwide collaboration in pharmacometrics.
  • Education & Learning: Offer high-quality educational resources for all expertise levels.
  • Scientific Excellence:  Support innovative research and methodological standards.
  • Transparency & Inclusivity: Ensure openness and diverse representation.
  • Member Value: Deliver exceptional value to members through access and engagement.

Core Values

  • Respect: Value each member's unique contributions.
  • Integrity: Adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • Excellence: Continuously improve knowledge and innovation.
  • Impact: Advance the Society’s mission and vision.
  • Sustainability: Ensure the Society’s long-term viability through strategic planning.
  • Transparency & Openness: Promote clear communication and decision-making processes.

Strategic Initiatives 2024 

  • Leadership & Governance:  Ensure the Society’s commitment and adherence to good governance principles and association best practices.  

  • Member Engagement:  Create and provide valuable offerings to a diverse global member community.  

  • Exceptional Education: Enhance educational offerings for professional development. 

  • Global Collaboration: Foster partnership among pharmacometrics groups across the world. 

  • Scientific Excellence: Support innovation and knowledge sharing to accelerate adoption of evidence-based standards and best practices.