ISoP Fellows

The professional distinction of ISoP Fellow was established in 2014, and new Fellows are selected annually. An ISoP Fellow is an ISoP member who has had a sustained and substantial impact on the pharmacometrics discipline and Society. Fellows effectively serve as ambassadors to the greater pharmacometrics community. The FISoP acronym implies a stature and honor in the pharmacometrics community.

Purpose of an ISoP Fellow

The purpose of ISoP Fellows is to recognize scientists for their professional excellence and superior impact in pharmacometrics and to the ISoP community.

Eligibility Criteria

Fellow candidates are recognized based on their sustained impact on the society or profession, measured by various contributions.

  • Be a current ISoP member with active membership for at least the last five consecutive years and have actively volunteered in at least one ISoP related activity
  • Have a minimum of 15 years of professional experience in the field of pharmacometrics and hold a senior position in their organization
  • The following individuals are ineligible for ISoP Fellow nomination during AND until one year after completion of serving their term or stepping down from their position: ISoP Board members (Executive Committee members included), Leadership (Chair, Vice Chair and/or Chair Elect) of the following ISoP committees – Awards Committee, Conference Committee, Finance Committee and Nominations Committee.

Furthermore, candidates must have demonstrated substantive, outstanding impact to ISoP or the pharmacometrics community through one or more of the following:

  • Advanced the field of pharmacometrics through research contributions, as measured by impact of peer-reviewed publications, or other documentation of innovative and lasting contributions.
  • Significant service to the profession and society, resulting in exceptional benefit or growth of ISoP or the pharmacometrics community more broadly.

Nomination Procedure and Package

  • Any ISoP member can make nominations.
  • The call for ISoP Fellows nominations is open through the published deadline.
  • ISoP diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles should be considered when considering nominations.
    The nomination package should contain the following:
    1. Nomination letter. The letter must clearly document the candidate’s accomplishments and impact on ISoP or the pharmacometrics community. Nominators should emphasize why the nominated candidate should be considered, above all others, for distinction as an ISoP Fellow.
    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the nominee. The CV should contain sufficient information on the candidate’s scientific credentials in pharmacometrics and service to ISoP to inform the selection process without additional research.
  • The nomination package must be submitted by the call deadline here.

Selection Process

The selection of ISoP Fellows will be based on the criteria listed above and will follow three steps

  • Individual review and recommendation of the nominated candidates by the ISoP Awards Committee.
  • Review of Awards Committee recommendations and endorsement by an independent panel of at least three existing ISoP Fellows.
  • Approval of the Fellows by the ISoP Board of Directors.

Notification of Fellow Status

The recipient of the FISoP distinction will be notified via email promptly after selection.

  • The recipient will be requested to RSVP within 15 days to accept/decline.
  • The name of the newly-elected Fellows will be publicly announced to the ISoP community promptly after selection.

Recognition of ISoP Fellows

New ISoP Fellows will be recognized at the opening ceremony of the ACoP Annual Meeting. The recipient(s) will receive a plaque and the ACoP Annual Meeting registration fee will be waived by ISoP.

Only ISoP Fellows have the privilege to use the letters “FISoP” after their names.

List of Fellows (Year inducted)

  • Peter Bonate (2022)
  • Wojciech Krzyzanski (2022)
  • Justin Wilkins (2022)
  • Jonathan French (2021)
  • Lena Friberg (2021)
  • Saroja Ramanujan (2021)
  • Siv Jonsson (2021)
  • Jin Y. Jin (2020)
  • Robert Bies (2020)
  • Rene Bruno (2019)
  • Brian Corrigan (2019)
  • Matthew Riggs (2019)
  • Daniele Ouellet (2018)
  • Yaning Wang (2018)
  • Jeffrey Barrett (2017)
  • Stephen Duffull (2017)
  • Jogarao Gobburu (2017)
  • Donald Mager (2017)
  • France Mentré (2017)
  • Jill Fiedler-Kelly (2016)
  • Nick Holford (2016)
  • Mats Karlsson (2016)
  • William Jusko (2016)
  • Richard Brundage (2014)
  • David D’Argenio (2014)
  • Marc Gastonguay (2014)
  • Raymond Miller (2014)
  • Marc Pfister (2014)
  • Stacey Tannenbaum (2014)